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12 rounded up in city for drink-driving

Shillong Times - Fri, 2014-10-03 06:32

SHILLONG: The City Police on Wednesday night picked up twelve persons for drunken driving and creating nuisance under the influence of liquor.

East Khasi Hills SP M Kharkrang on Thursday informed that non FIR cases have been taken up against them and the drive will continue.

He also warned that the police would not tolerate any kind of nuisance being created by any one during the festive season.

Police are also keeping vigil to thwart the attempt of gold chain snatchers during puja festivals as several such cases have been reported from parts of the city.

Several FIRs were lodged in the past by those affected, and the modus operandi of the thieves is that they use vehicles to snatch gold chains and vanish and the victims will not be able to get any clue.

A police official said that police are keeping strict vigil to ensure that miscreants do not make any attempt to snatch gold chains which women usually wear during the festive season. The official said that at the thana level, police are keeping a watch and the affected people can take up the matter with the police.

The official also urged people to immediately approach police if there are any cases of chain snatching.

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Suspended junior engineers transferred

Shillong Times - Fri, 2014-10-03 06:32

SHILLONG: The suspension order of two Junior Engineers of the Shella-Bholaganj Block has been revoked on September 25 and they have been transferred to Mawsynram and Mairang respectively with effect from October 1.

One of the affected JE, Primadona Mawkhlieng, has been posted to Mawsynram Block, CSWO president Kharshiing informed here on Thursday.

Earlier, the two suspended JEs of Shella- Bholaganj Block Development Office had accused the Block Development Officer (BDO) Lyngkor Kynjiing of forcing them to sign the bills on the work which was never taken up. Primadona Mawkhlieng had alleged in a press conference that the main cause that led to her suspension was the fact that she had refused to sign a document as directed by the BDO.

Meanwhile it was learnt that the lawyer of Lyngkor Kynjiing has sent a legal notice to Primadona Mawkhlieng for allegations which was made by her in a press conference recently.

The legal notice has sought for an apology along with a sum of Rs.2 crore for the wrong allegations against him.

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HNLC bandh evokes lukewarm response

Meghalaya Times - Fri, 2014-10-03 04:30

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Oct 02: The 24-hour ‘total shutdown’ called by the proscribed Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) passed off peacefully on Thursday evening even as it evoked a lukewarm response from the citizens of the six districts of the Khasi-Jaintia Hills region.
Business establishments in one of the most visited commercial areas in the State’s capital remained open during the hours of bandh with public thronging their way to Khyndailad for shopping.
Similarly, most of the shops barring a very few across the city including those at Laitumkhrah, Nongthymmai and other areas were seen conducting business as usual.

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Flood and landslide death toll now 56

Meghalaya Times - Fri, 2014-10-03 04:30

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Oct 02: The death toll in the floods and landslides which have recently rocked the state has now increased to 56 with the recovery of one more dead body from Bongpara village in South West Garo Hills (SWGH) district even as 7 persons are still reported missing.
Meanwhile light rain has been reported at few places in the state.
Relief Camps are still open in some areas and relief is being provided to people in these camps and the restoration work of roads in the affected areas is going on.
Power supply has not yet been restored in certain interior areas of the affected districts and restoration work is still going on.
There are also no reports of any shortages of medicines or of the outbreak of any epidemic.


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Govt revokes suspension of Shella Block Junior Engineers

Meghalaya Times - Fri, 2014-10-03 04:29

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Oct 02: The State Public Works Department (PWD) has reinstated two of its junior engineers, who were placed under suspension for four months by the Community & Rural Development (C&RD) department for their refusal to cooperate with the Block Development Officer (BDO) of Shella-Bholaganj in the implementation of a rural road scheme.
The two junior engineer of the Shella – Bholaganj Block namely Primadona Mawkhlieng and Donisha Mawlong were suspended by the C&RD department from June 3, after they refused to be part of an alleged misappropriation of funds of a scheme under the BDO Lyngkor Kynjing.
The C&RD department on this has instituted an inquiry headed by the Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) of East Khasi Hills (EKH) district to probe into the alleged misappropriation of the funds under the scheme.

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FKJGP catches miscreant collecting in NGO’s name

Meghalaya Times - Fri, 2014-10-03 04:29

Staff Reporter
TURA, Oct 02: The Federation of Khasi Jaintia and Garo People (FKJGP), which had filed an FIR against a person collecting money from the people of the region in the NGO’s name was finally able to nab the perpetrator on Thursday.
Tengra Ch Marak, the alleged culprit had been collecting in the name of the NGO for quite some time using the name of the Sankini unit of the Federation. He had made forays into the towns of Tura, Williamnagar, Baghmara, Dalu as well as other smaller areas to run his extortion scheme.

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Rajnath surveys Garo Hills, assures support for rebuilding

Meghalaya Times - Thu, 2014-10-02 07:08

Staff Reporter
TURA, Oct 01: Union Home Minister, Rajnath Singh on Wednesday paid a visit to Garo Hills region to survey the damage caused by the September 22 floods. The visit comes a few days after the visit by Minister of State (Home), Kiren Rijiju and at a time when the state struggles with the massive damages caused to infrastructure and communication. The floods have till date taken 55 lives and destroyed more than Rs 2000 crores of property, setting back developmental activities within the state.
“I have told the Chief Minister to submit a memorandum to the Centre, after which an inter-ministerial team will visit to assess the damages. I have assured to provide maximum assistance to the Meghalaya government,” said Singh.

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9 Graves desecrated in city

Meghalaya Times - Thu, 2014-10-02 07:08

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Oct 01: At least nine graves were desecrated by miscreants in a cemetery near a city hospital, police informed on Wednesday.
Confirming this, district Superintendent of Police (SP) M Kharkrang informed that miscreants have desecrated nine graves at Mawlai Presbyterian Church graveyard at Lawmali in the city.
According to police, the incident took place on Tuesday night.

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Senior officials file FIRs against protestors

Meghalaya Times - Thu, 2014-10-02 07:06

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Oct 01: Senior government officials deployed in East Jaintia Hills (EJH) district have filed FIRs alleging that the irate mob enforcing the recent economic blockade for pelting stones at the patrolling personnel including police and magistrates even as firing of shots was heard coming from the crowd.
The FIRs were lodged by the Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) K Karthikeyan and Additional District Magistrate (ADM) R S Manner, police said.

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Tragic Week in Meghalaya’s History

Shillong Times - Mon, 2014-09-29 11:16
By H H Mohrmen

This is one of the worst ever week in the history of Meghalaya where not less than fifty people lost their lives to floods and law and order problem. Property worth crores of rupees was damaged in the process. Our hearts go out to the people who have lost their near and dear ones and we pray for the departed. May their souls rest in peace.

A young man Mebanker Passah who was a final year student of Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicines and Surgery at Dharwad Karnataka was brutally killed and his body was dumped at the railway station. A promising young life was snatched away from the parents and his near and dear ones.

The mood was depressing and the weather in the entire state too wore a gloomy look throughout the week with heavy rains lashing down on us. Some are of the opinion that the freak weather conditions are an outcome of climate change which in turn is affecting various parts of the planet. The inclement weather created havoc in the entire state. The last press report stated that over 47 people lost their lives due to floods and landslides in the Garo hills area alone. In the rest of the State there were two reports of people being carried away over by over flowing rivers, one each in the West Jaintia hills and East Khasi hills districts. This takes the total loss of lives to floods and landslides to one less than the half century mark. The Government is yet to come up with the estimated report of loss of Government and private properties to the recent floods. One wonders if loss to the farming community in terms of crops and other agriculture related damage can ever be estimated.

While we all appreciate the efforts made by those courageous men and women who were involved in rescue and rehabilitation of the affected people and those who were on the frontline to uphold rule of law, one cannot also deny the fact that it was obvious from what had happened in both the floods and the firing incidents that the State Government machinery was not prepared for such eventualities. In case of natural calamities the Government lacks preparedness and cannot perform an act as simple as providing prior information of the impending threat of natural calamities, like floods to the people. The meteorological department should have shared the prediction of incessant rain with the community so that people can move to safer places while there was still time. This would have prevented loss of lives in the flood prone areas. What is the point of the Meteriology Department having sophisticated equipments if they cannot predict a cloud burst? The state government has also spent crores of rupees in installing fancy information and public announcement systems which were not put to good use during times of crises.

The district administration of East Jaintia Hills and the organizer of the economic blockade the Movement of Indigenous People Rights and Livelihood (MIPRL) could have prevented the unfortunate firing incident in East Jaintia hills had the parties exercised constraint. But one doubts if the two parties even met before the blockade. Police Intelligence have failed to anticipate the mood of the mob when the police chief himself was hurt in the attack, a female magistrate was manhandled and a public vehicle was burnt the previous day. In such situations one would expect the district administration to prepare for any eventuality, but that did not happen and two precious lives were lost while six people were injured in the firing. Chaphrang H Passah a seniour journalist in the district has rightly questioned on his Facebook post, why the police did not exercise restraint and first resort to lathi charge, tear gas or even water canon to try to disperse the mob before live bullets were used? But the more important question is whether the government provides tear gas, lathis or even rubber bullets to the police who have to deal with protestors? Were the police on duty on that fateful evening trained to deal with unruly protestors are or are they the same police that are being used in counter-insurgency operations in other parts of the state?

The two incidents should serve as a lesson for the government and as Patrician Mukhim, the Editor of the Shillong Times has suggested the government should have its own crisis response cell and maybe it is also high time that the government institutes a special police unit to deal with protestors or unruly crowds.

But the same question can be posed to the leaders of MIPRL. They knew before hand that the situation in East Jaintia Hills District was tense and the mob had already attacked senior government officials in uniform and on duty and government property was torched the previous day. As responsible leaders they should at least advice the mob to exercise restraint and one would expect them to be present at Ground Zero to make sure that no untoward incident happened. The leaders were not present on the spot to control the mob, hence the leaders of the MIPRL who said that the economic blockade is their democratic right and promised that it would be peaceful and non-violent have failed in their duties and have gone back on the public commitment they made in the media.

Had the leaders been on the spot with the protesters, they would have been able to prevent the unfortunate situation, and as reported in section of the press and admitted by eye witnesses, warning shots were fired in the air. Leaders especially a senior advocate would know what to do when warning shot are fired in the air, but because most of the protestors were ignorant, they proceeded and moved forward and the unfortunate incident happened.

The incident has two implications; first it implies that the situation would not have come to such a pass if the leaders of the organization had led from the front. Second, it also implies that the leaders did not really understand their own people and have therefore failed to prevent the situation which led to the loss of two precious lives and injury of six people. Thirdly, it is possible that the leaders used the people for their own objectives.

The father of non violent protests, Mahatma Gandhi would have called off the strike if two precious lives were lost during the protest as there is no cause more valuable than human lives. One would expect the leaders of the organization to call off the strike or at least postpone the same in honour of the departed souls, but that did not happen. Perhaps the economic blockade was intended to be violent and the two lives lost and six wounded are collateral damage that the organizers are willing to write off.

National Highway 44 also connects part of Assam, Mizoram, Tripura and parts of Manipur with the rest of the country. Traffic on this East Jaintia Hills stretch of the National Highway had come to a grinding halt in the last few days. Is it not the duty of the Government to ensure the free flow of traffic on the national highway? Is it not true that the Government by its acts of omission has denied the citizens of the country who live in these states their right to essential commodities? The government of Meghalaya has failed the people of Silchar, Barak valley, Mizoram, Tripura and Manipur by not being able to ensure free flow of traffic for transporting essential commodities to their markets.

The question can also be asked as to what prevented the government from invoking the Essential Services Management Act (ESMA) when the target of the road blockade is to disrupt movement of commercial transport vehicles including those carrying essential commodities? Is the government waiting for the price of essential commodities to escalate before it invokes ESMA? Obviously there appears to be preferential treatment from the government towards the leaders of the MIPRL otherwise the situation would not have come to such an ugly end. The Government is quick to forget a similar blunder it made by not recommending the immediate ban of the GNLA till it was forced to do so and look what has happened in Garo hills now.

And one final question to the leaders of MIPRL. All along the organization claimed that the NGT ban on transport of coal has hit the poor people hard, but when the committee constituted by the NGT allows transport of coal from the state why is it not being transported? Keeping the welfare of the poor in mind, one would expect people to take the opportunity and enable the poor to earn their livelihood and prevent starvation. So is this really about the poor or are they being used as scapegoats?

The Government has to answer these tough questions.

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Hurricanes maul Tridents to enter CLT20 semis

Shillong Times - Mon, 2014-09-29 11:12

Mohali:Hobart Hurricanes produced a professional performance as they beat Barbados Tridents in convincing manner to enter the semi-finals of the Oppo Champions League T20, here on Sunday.

In their final group league encounter against the Caribbean outfit, Hobart bowlers stuck to their task dismissing the opposition for a paltry 113 in 19.4 overs with left-arm slow bowler Xavier Doherty picking up four for 27.

In reply, Hobart were no tearing hurry as they chased down the target with 10 balls to spare.

With 12 points from four games, Hobart Hurricanes confirmed one of the two semi-final spots from group B.

On a day when Sania Mirza entered the finals of the mixed doubles competition at the Asian Games in Incheon, his husband Shoaib Malik anchored his T20 team’s chase to perfection with a responsible unbeaten knock of 39 off 35 balls with three boundaries.

Malik finished the match with a florish hitting successive boundaries through cover and mid-wicket off Ryad Emrit. He added 46 runs for the unbroken fifth wicket stand with Jonathan Wells (23 no). The Pakistani all-rounder rotated the strike well as he ran a lot of singles.

There were some minor jitters felt in the Hobart camp after they were reduced to 71 for four in the 13th over but with asking rate less than seven, it was never going to be a problem for the Aussies.

Earlier, the Tim Paine-led side bowled with a lot of heart with the trio of Doug Bollinger (2/27), Ben Hilfenhaus (2/14) and Doherty sharing the spoils.

While Bollinger and Hilfenhaus knocked off the top-order, Doherty with his left-arm slow orthodox spin scythed through the middle-order. Only Jonathan Carter with 42 off 34 balls that had three fours and two sixes, could make some kind of contribution before he was caught at short fine leg trying a lap shot off the spinner.

Australian left arm orthodox blwer Xavier Doherty of Hobart Hurricanes was adjuded Man of the Match for his brilliant bowling spell (4-0-26-4) which retricted Barbados Tridents to 113 all out in 19.4 overs.(PTI)


Brief Scores
Barbados Tridents: 113 in 19.4 overs (Jonathan Carter 42, Xavier Doherty 4/27)
Hobart Hurricanes: 117/4 in 18.2 overs (Shoaib Malik 39 no, Jonathan Wells 23 no). Hobart Hurricanes win by 6 wkts.

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Punjab beat Cobras by 7 wickets

Shillong Times - Mon, 2014-09-29 11:12

Mohali: A clinical Kings XI Punjab steamrolled Cape Cobras by seven wickets for their fourth win in a row as they ended their Group B engagements with a flourish in the Champions League Twenty20 tournament, here on sunday.

With this win, Punjab, who have already qualified for the semifinals, have finished on top of Group B with 16 points and will enter the knockout stage unbeaten.

The hosts were in complete control of the inconsequential rubber as they won the toss, shot out the South African side for a mere 135 in 18.3 overs and then overhauled the target without any fuss with 11 balls to spare overs at PCA stadium.

It was Punjab bowlers who set up the win as paceman Anureet Singh (3/12) and spinner Akshar Patel (3/15) shared six wickets between them.

Richard Levi top-scored for the South African side with his 42-run knock but it was Hashim Amla who provided impetuous to their innings at start with his blistering 22-ball 40.

Virender Sehwag (23) looked in good touch as he played some delectable drives on the off side before being dismissed by Robin Peterson.

The other Punjab opener Manan Vohra (23) became second victim of Peterson as the left-arm spinner gave away just 19 runs in his four overs.

Big-hitting batsman Glenn Maxwell (23) hit a six each off Omphile Ramela and Sybrand Engelbrecht but he also could not last long. Wriddhiman Saha kept holding the one end as he guided the side home with his 35-ball 42.

Saha hit three boundaries, including a six, in his innings while David Miller finished unbeaten on 16.Saha was excellent behinds the wickets also as he effected two stumpings and took one catch. (PTI)

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Hafeez, Subrayen reported for suspect bowling action

Shillong Times - Mon, 2014-09-29 11:11

Bangalore:Lahore Lions captain Mohammad Hafeez and Dolphins bowler Prenelan Subrayen are the latest inclusions in the growing list of players reported for suspect bowling action. The two were reported during the CLT20 game at the M Chinnnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore on Saturday.

“On-field umpires Kumar Dharamsena and Vineet Kulkarni, along with third umpire Anil Chaudhary reported the incident at the conclusion of the match [between Lahore Lions v Dolphins in Bangalore on Saturday],” confirmed a CLT20 media advisory on its official website. Hafeez took two wickets in Lahore’s 16-run win against Dolphins on Saturday.

Hafeez and Subrayen may request an official assessment from the BCCI Suspect Bowling Action Committee, Both the players have been placed on the warning list. (afp)

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Meghalaya kids shine in Gujarat, bag three medals

Shillong Times - Mon, 2014-09-29 11:11
All India Games of the Deaf

SHILLONG: Three Hearing Impaired kids from Montfort Centre for Education, Tura won medals at the 19th All India Games of the Deaf held from September 10 to 14 in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Sanseng Ch. Sangma, Sikaston D Sangma and Gining J Sangma have made not only their parents and teachers proud but also re-ignited the spark for sports among their companions in the State.

More than 20 teams participated in the event from all states in India. The students dressed in traditional Garo attire were the centre of attraction in the whole gathering. They were among the very few participants from Northeast.

Despite the huge difference in the age and size of the participants from the other States, the young kids from Meghalaya won the hearts of the mammoth gathering at the stadium.

They also had the unique opportunity to visit Sabarmathi and other places associated with Mahatma Gandhi. On being asked about their experience, the students shared their joy of meeting so many deaf people from all over India. They expressed that they went as birds oblivious to the world outside their nest, but came back with a pride in their unique deaf culture with a passion to do better next time.

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Asiad: Yogeshwar provides golden touch; Kaur scripts Indian history; India in top 10

Shillong Times - Mon, 2014-09-29 11:10

Incheon: Star wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt notched up India’s fourth gold medal, while Khushbir Kaur became the first woman from the country to win a medal in 20km Race Walking by clinching a silver as India shot up to ninth in overall standings on the ninth day of competitions in the 17th Asian Games here on Sunday.

Besides, tennis players accounted for three bronze medals through Yuki Bhambri (men’s singles and men’s doubles with Divij Sharan) and Sania Mirza and Prarthana Thombare (women’s doubles). M R Poovamma and Rajiv Arokia won a bronze each in men’s and women’s 400m race respectively while Manju Bala added another medal of same hue in women’s hammer throw.

It was yet another joyful day for the Indian contingent after yesterday’s rich haul of 10 medals and have now broken into the top 10 for the first time since the multi-discipline extravaganza began on September 19.

Medals won on Sunday aside, India can look forward to rich haul in the coming days as well with the women boxers assured of medals in all three weight categories. The men’s doubles tennis pair of Sanam Singh and Saketh Myneni as well as mixed doubles team of Myneni and Sania also assured themselves of at least a silver by advancing to the final.

Yogeshwar was star performer of the day as he better his 2006 edition bronze in style with a couple of splendid bouts. The Olympic bronze-medallist was trailing all through in his semifinal bout before coming good in the last few seconds to enter the final.

In the summit clash, Yogeshwar defeated Zalimkhan Yusupov of Tajikistan to expectedly pick the gold.

Earlier, Khushbir Kaur provided the early spark by becoming the first Indian woman to win a medal in race walking in the Asian Games as she clinched a silver in 20km event.

The 21-year-old from Amritsar clocked 1:33:07 to finish behind Lu Xiuzhi of China, who won the gold in 1:31:06, at the Marathon Course here.

The Indian, who holds the national record of 1:31:40, was consistently third till the 18km mark before going up a position in the final two kilometres, thanks largely to the slowing down of second-placed Chinese Nie Jingjing, who eventually finished fourth.

This is the biggest triumph of Khushbir’s nascent career after the bronze medal she won at this year’s Asian Walking Championships bronze in Japan. She was the first Indian woman to achieve such a feat.

In tennis, Yuki clinched India’s lone singles’ medal settling for a bronze in the men’s event after unforced errors cost him the semifinal against Japan’s Yoshihito Nishioka. A profligate Yuki lost 6-3 2-6 1-6 in one hour and 46 minutes.

Divij Sharan and Yuki Bhambri also bagged bronze after losing the men’s doubles semifinals to Yongkyu Lim and Hyeon Chung 6-7 (8) 7-6 (6) 9-11.

Indian track and field athletes added three more bronze later in the day after Khushbir’s silver in the morning as they put behind the disappointment of denying an additional medal in women’s 3000m steeplechase event.

Poovamma made up for a slow start and get into medal contention on the back straight as she won a bronze in 52.36, well below her personal best of 51.73 done in Lucknow during the National Inter-State Meet in June.

In boxing, it was an all-win outing for the country’s women pugilists. Olympic bronze medallist M C Mary Kom led the charge as Indian women assured themselves of medals in each of the three weight categories.

Mary Kom (51kg), L Sarita Devi (60kg) and Pooja Rani (75kg) entered the semifinals of their respective weight categories with commanding victories.

In tennis, Saketh Myneni got himself in line for two gold medals by reaching the finals of both men’s doubles and mixed doubles events. Saketh and Sanam Singh overcame experienced Thai twins Sanchai and Sonchat Ratiwatana 4-6 6-3 10-6 in the men’s doubles semifinals, which lasted 67 minutes.

Later in the day, the big-serving Myneni combined with seasoned doubles exponent Sania to reach the mixed doubles summit clash with a convincing 6-1 6-3 win over Chinese pair of Zie Zheng and Ze Zhang.

However, the Indian handball teams continued with their listless show as both the men’s and women’s units lost their respective classification matches.

The Indian men finished 14th after going down 25-32 to UAE.The women’s team lost 26-44 against Uzbekistan in 5th-8th place Classification tie. They will next play the women’s classification 7th-8th place on September 30.

The Indian men’s volleyball team put up a spirited fight against the much-fancied South Korea before losing 22-25 25-27 18-25 in a closely contested group E play-off match.

Indian women cagers failed to put up a fight against a formidable Japan and suffered a crushing 37-70 loss in the basketball quarterfinal match.

In equestrian competitions, India’s Yashaan Zubin Khambatta, riding a horse named Olgy, qualified for the Jumping Individual Final Round. (PTI )

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MLA Trophy Football Tournament

Shillong Times - Mon, 2014-09-29 11:10

Shillong: The last datefor submission of entry forms for the MLA Trophy 8-A-Side Football Tournament 2014 organized by the Nongksesh Sports social & Cultural Club has been extended to the 3rd October. For details contact 9612852854/9863154840.

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3rd Mylliem Lum Football League kicks off

Shillong Times - Mon, 2014-09-29 11:09

Shillong: The Mylliem Lum Sports Association (MLSA) inaguarated the #rd Mylliem Lum Football tourbnament on 27th September. Thousands of villagers has come and witnessed the event which was held at Maweitnai locality.

On the inaguaration day, the match was played between Maweitnai sports Club and Mawnam Sports Club and the match ended in 3-3 draw.

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Spain leading contender for Euro 2016: Luis

Shillong Times - Mon, 2014-09-29 11:09

Kolkata: Spanish soccer star Luis Garcia believes the days of struggle for Spain’s national football team are over and, riding on young and exciting talent, the 2010 World Cup winners will be one of the leading contenders for the Euro 2016.

Interacting with the media here on Sunday, the Atletico de Kolkata’s marquee player singled out Atletico Madrid midfielder Koke and Real Madrid attacking medio Isco as the players to watch for.

“Spain has been at the top for the last six-seven years and it is difficult to be consistent for a long time… that is why they probably crashed out at the World Cup. There had to arrive a moment when things don’t go well and probably the World Cup was that moment,” Garcia said on posers about the Spain’s first round exit from this year’s World Cup.

“People will have their opinion, but I don’t think Spain will struggle anymore. There are many many young and upcoming players to shoulder the responsibilities. There is Koke, Isco and Spain is going to be the leading contender for the Euro (2016),” said the former Barcelona and Liverpool star.

Asserting that the ‘tiki-taka’ style of touch football has not gone obsolete, Garcia, however, promised that Atletico de Kolkata fans will get to see flashes of the Spanish magic.

“For sure we will have our moments… everybody loves to see tiki-taka, but it is not so easy. That is why only two teams – Barcelona and probably Bayern Munich – have mastered it. For that, all the players have to be talented, you need the quality and the understanding and it is difficult to find that in a team, so not every team can do that,” added Garcia.

Talking about the Indian Super League (ISL), Garcia said he was looking forward to the tournament and hoped to play a part in contributing to the growth of Indian football.

The Ateltico de Kolkata players recently returned after a month’s training in Spain and will take on Mumbai City FC in the opening game of the inaugural ISL at the city’s Salt Lake Stadium Oct 12. (IANS)

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Messi reaches 400 goals, Neymar hits hat-trick

Shillong Times - Mon, 2014-09-29 11:08

MADRID: Lionel Messi grabbed his 400th career goal while Neymar smashed a hat-trick as Barcelona stormed back to the top of La Liga with a 6-0 thrashing of Granada on Saturday.

Champions Atletico Madrid moved into second, two points behind Barca, as they beat previously undefeated Sevilla 4-0 at home.

Meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo’s hot scoring streak continued in Real Madrid’s 2-0 win at Villarreal to remain four points off the top in fourth.

“Messi is someone who has been touched by a magic wand and he is desperate to enjoy playing football,” said Barca boss Luis Enrique.

After a slow start Barca took the lead on 26 minutes as Neymar was gifted the ball inside the Granada half and surged forward before seeing his effort deflect pass the helpless Roberto via Jean-Sylvain Babin. Messi then increased his number of assists already this season to seven as he crossed right-footed for Ivan Rakitic to head home and Neymar tapped into an empty net to make it 3-0 after Roberto had denied Munir.

Barca continued to dominate after the break and Alves provided Messi with the kind of service he has been handing out in recent weeks with a fine cross that the four-time World Player of the Year headed home.

Messi returned to being the provider for Neymar to complete his hat-trick with a cut-back that the former Santos man dispatched low past Roberto.

And the Argentine rounded off a fine afternoon by robbing the Granada defence of possession and running through to slot home his fifth goal of the season and the 400th of his career.

Ronaldo, meanwhile, is now onto 13 goals from nine matches this season as Real won for the third consecutive league match at Villarreal.

Real survived an early onslaught from Villarreal and won the game with two goals in eight minutes before the break as Luka Modric drilled home the opener before Ronaldo converted from Karim Benzema’s pass to register his eighth goal in a week. (Agencies)

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Girl hangs on to ceiling fan for 9 hrs to stay alive

Meghalaya Times - Mon, 2014-09-29 07:09

Staff Reporter
TURA, Sept 28: The recent flood in the Garo Hills region has had a lot of stories for people to tell. The region’s worst flood has left scars on most lives that have been touched by devastation. The story of a 20 year old, class X student, who clung on to a ceiling fan for 9 hours will remain one of those survival stories that will be told for a long time.
Tere Marak of Bakenang Nalsa near Bajengdoba in the North Garo Hills (NGH) district was uncertain of leaving her house and her belongings, which included her school books, in the face of floods. On September 22 last at about 6 am, Tere was in her house when the flood hit with its full fury and she was about to be swept away.

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