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Nongkrem Dance Festival

The entire Khasi hills in Meghalaya erupts in joy as soon as the Nongkrem dance festival falls. The week long festival takes place on November 1 where the festivity of the Khasi hills people knows no bound. The carnival is all about wealth, animals and an environment. Animals are sacrificed as part of the festival to be followed by feast along with songs and dance. The central place of attraction is Smit, the fixed venue of the occasion where the Khasi hills people throng to participate in the event which is 11 km away from the capital city of Shillong, an ideal place for the tourists. Initially, the Khasi people called it KaPemblangNongrem. But they replaced it with Nongkrem dance Festival of Meghalaya. The salubrious festival comprises fairs, songs and dances, mostly, to appease the goddess KaBleiSynshar to ensure bounteous crops. The striking part of the festival is the Pemblang ceremony. Performed by the Syiem of Khyrim along with the high priest, the principal event takes place by sacrificing an animal in the name of Lei Shyllong. The god of Shyllong peak by gets a cock. The ancestors of the ruling clan also share the puja offerings in the Nongkrem dance festival.