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Abiogenesis (Nagaland) - Rustic Relish listed in the 51st Grammy Awards 1  

1 Category 11 - Best Pop Vocal Album
Album : Rustic Relish
2 Category 7 - Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals
a. Be Free Like A Bird
b. Rumble Tumble
3 Category 9 - Best Pop Instrumental Performance
Nap In The Couch
4. Category 85 – Best Instrumental Composition

Nap In The Couch

XOBDO: World's first and only North East Regional Languages - English Online Dictionary

XOBDO'S vision to demolish language barrier and thereby fuel mutual understanding and cooperation among the people of the entire North-East India and to bring the languages of the region to the fore-front of the IT age.

The online dictionary, born on 10th March 2006, is the brainchild of Bikram M Baruah, a petroleum engineer by profession now based in Abu Dhabi.

Feature: Maharaja Speaks Football

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Political Appointees in Government Agencies.

The Delhi A’chik Youth Association (DAYA) has been keenly observing the developments over the issue of Political Appointees in the various State Government agencies. The DAYA is of the mind that the Government is, of course, the best entity to determine whether such offices are an absolutely necessity to ensure better functioning and streamlining of all government activities so that maximum progress and productivity may be achieved by the state as a whole.

False alligation against Northeasterner on Deccan Chronicle

A Naga student and two of his friends, 'Northeasterner', alleged to have brutally killed a campus dog with the aim of 'barbecuing' it forms the primary basis of her reckless, arrogant and abjectly ignorant conclusions.


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