Caves in Khasi Hills

KREM MAWMLUH: The 4503m long cave with five river passage is the 4th longest in India. It is situated approximately half a kilometer west of Cherrapunjee adjacent to the small hamlet of Mawmluh.

KREM PHYLLUT: This 1003m long cave has a large section of fossil passage, two stream ways and three entrances. It is situated in village Mawsmai, south of Cherrapunjee.

KREM SOH SHYMPI (Mawlong, East Khasi Hills): This 760m cave is very large with numerous formations at one end. It has a large pothole entrance of 20m deep.

MAWSYNRAM: This cave is 58 kilometers away from Shillong.

KREM DAM: This 1297m long cave is the largest sandstone cave in India. It has a very large entrance with a stream entering the cave and running down its main passage.


Caves in Jaintia Hills

KREM UM-LAWAN: This Eocene Age cave with numerous cataracts and waterfalls is the longest (6381m) and deepest (106.8m) in India. It has an upper fossil passage and a lower active passage

KREM KOTSATI: This 3650m long cave has eight entrances with the main entrance through a deep pool. One can traverse portions of the river passage by swimming or by using inflatable rubber boat.

KREM UMSHANGKTAT: This 955m long cave has an entrance passage of 350 meters which offers a comfortable stroll on moist sand. The last stretch requires a mild climb across fallen limestone blocks and debris to reach the collapse do line of the upper entrance. By the collapse there is a belly crawl passage which eventually terminates in a sizeable chamber.

KREM LASHINNG (Pdengshakap, 37 kms from Jowai): This massive cave measuring 50m wide and 40m high is 2650m long. To avoid huge amount of sticky and slippery mud in the cave, visit it during February/March.

KREM SWEEP (Syndai, 47 kms from Jowai) : This 970m long has beautiful stalactites and stalagmites.

Caves in Garo Hill

SIJU-DOBKHAKOL: Situated on the bank of the Simsang River just below the village of Siju, this 4772m long cave is the third longest cave in India. It contains some of the finest river passage to be found anywhere in the world. It is the most researched cave in India and is the home of tens of thousands of bats.

TETENGKOL-BALWAKOL (Cave of dwarfs with inverted feet): Situated at Nengkhong village, 15 kms from Siju, it is the 2nd longest cave in India. This 5334m long cave is hidden behind a circular entrance of 1 meter diameter.

DOBHAKOL CHIBE NALA (Nengkhong): Hidden behind a rock this 1978m long cave is situated a few hundred meters downstream from Tetengkol-Balwakol on the river Chibe Nala.

BOK BAK DOBHAKOL (Nengkhong, Rongdik Nala): This 1051m long cave seems be an intermittently active river sink. During wet weather the cave floods to the roof.