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27 kms from Zokhawthar, Champai, Mizoram

Champhai is a commercial town located near the Indo-Myanmar International Border and is regarded as the main business corridor for India and Myanmar. During the British period Champhai was accorded the status of a fort. It was the headquarters of Lalbura Sailo, a Mizo Chief against whom the British Expedition of 1871-72 was directed.  

Set on an altitude of 1678 meters, the town overlooks a patch of flat land which happens to be the largest plain area in the state and also commands a good view of the adjoining hill ranges of Myanmar from which the forefathers of the Mizos immigrated ages ago. The breezy hills and lush green strewn with beautiful rhododendron blossoms are inviting come season. Within a few kilometers away are some villages of historical significance where the age-old Mizo way of life is still preserved.

The town is 27 kilometers from Zokhawthar, the border township through which the Indo-Myanmar trade is being conducted and hence Champhai is an ideal shopping place for various imported goods. The town is also a convenient base for trekking and visiting landmarks and historical places in the vicinity including Rih Dil, the legendary lake located 5 kilometers within Myanmar which is associated with the Mizo Animist religion of yore.

How to reach

Champhai can be reached from Aizawl by traversing a distance of 194 kilometers. Government, private buses and Tata Sumos ply day and night on all week days except Sundays. Taxis can also be hired on all days from any part of the State. 

Places of interest

Champhai is located in a very beautiful setting, with hills on all sides and a thriving culture. With a number of places to visit one can never go bore in Champhai. Below are places one can visit.

Murlen National Park 

Home to a rich variety of flora and fauna. About 15 species of mammals, 150 species of birds, 35 species of medicinal plants. 2 species of bamboos & 4 species of orchids so far have been recorded in this park.

Mura Puk 

Situated in Zote village 10 kilometers away from Champhai town, there are six caves at the site which once served as a hiding place for the local villagers.

Rih Dïl 

Located 27 kilometers from Champhai near Zokhawthar in Myanmar Rih Dil is considered to be the passage of the souls to the eternal abode. The lake is around a kilometer long and 70 meters wide.

Thasiama Seno Neihna 

It is a plateau on a rugged hillock measuring around 7.20 sq min near Vaphai village, which is 86 km away from Champhai.

Fiara Tui 

Is a beautiful spring located about 65 kilometers from Champhai and has its source in the Tan Tlang Mountain.

Mizo Hlakungpui Mual

It is a monument commemorating the Mizo classical composers. It was set up in 1986. It is located at the southern edge of Khawbung village near Champhai.
Lamsial Puk 

It is located very close to Farkawn village in the district of Champhai of the Mizoram state. It is believed that a huge fight took place at this site between two villages, during which a large number of villagers were killed.

Hnahlan Is a grape growing region which is very close to Champhai with vineyards and a pleasant climate.

Zokhawthar is a trading town 28 km from Champhai on the border with Myanmar. It is one of the largest trading centres after the state capital Aizwal, and caters to the needs of the hilly North-Eastern state of Mizoram and the bordering Chin State in Myanmar.

Lianchhiari Tlang 

About 56 km from Champhai is a rocky ledge over a high cliff near the village of Dungtlang.

Tan Tlang is around 85 km from Champhai, it is 6356 ft above sea level located near Vaphai village.

Lalruanga Lung - Stones occupy a significant place in reconstructing the past history of Mizoram. Lalruanga Lung is a stone located in N. Khawbung village, about 3 kilometers from N. Khawbung (N. Khawbung is around 16 kilometers from Champhai). Lalruanga's history is one of the most interesting and famous in Mizo folktales. It is on the stone that the legendary Lalruanga met his fateful end.
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