Disinfectant Spray Fog Machine

MRP: Rs.9000/-. Wholesale Price: Rs.6700/- (Min. Qty: 1)

The fumigation fogging machine has wide applied fields and can be used for sanitation and prevention in hospital,clinics, restaurant, hotel and other public places. 

It is an ideal electric sprayer with reliable performance and convenient use.


  • It is used to control microbial contamination in controlled area. 


  • Quite safe to use.
  • It has a great efficiency.
  • Generate sufficient fog to control contamination.
  • Easy to carry and operate.
  • Power Consumption : 1000W
  • Liquid Capacity : 100ml (last for 5 min)
  • Heating Time : 3 Minutes
  • Control Mode: Wired
  • Coverage Area: 20-40 MMsqare
  • Application: Clinics, Homes, Offices, Cars, etc.
  • Liquid Use: Hydrogen Peroxide & Sodium Hypochlorite


  • Do Not Use Alcohol
  • Switch OFF machine when not in use As it gets warm
  • Keep Away from Children’s