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Khumlwng Eco Park

NH 44, 25 kms from Agartala, Tripura
Khumlwng Eco Park

Khumlwng, the name of an eco park in Tripura is throbbing with the activities of a full fledged tourist spot fetching a huge amount of revenue to the north eastern state. Literally, “khumlwng” means a valley of blooming flowers. The beautiful park is an abode of many rare species of flowers apart from a magnificent water body that is an ideal place for boating much to the delight of the foreign and domestic tourists. Tourists and visitors, boys and girls, old and young alike take no less joy and relief in this park set up in 1991 at a distance of 25 km away from Agartala by the Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous Council.

With the steep rise in tourist footfall, the entire area has been progressing on many fronts. The local tribal people here have started concentrating on the conservation of flora and fauna. This is apart from a slew of initiatives to promote their culture to strike the attention of the tourists who find here an occasion to enjoy it.

A number of socio-cultural organizations have been operating in the area of ethnic population who speak kokborok. Amid tribal culture, Christian influence has been spreading in the nook and corner of the park area. Cultural beauty gets an enchanting display when they celebrate Christmas, Goria ter along with much pomp and gaiety. A church fair in December draws overwhelming response from the tourists who are impressed with the joint activities here to boost bonhomie and brotherhood among the people of all castes and creeds. The festival does not confine to the Christians only. People of all walks of life participate in it where local tradition and culture are showcased.

Business and government are the staple source of income for these people in the largest town of the Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council.

The booming tourism industry has made  Khumulwng a junction of transportation and business much to the major benefit for the interior villages. The tourist hub is reachable through the Assam-Agartala National Highway No 44. The nearest station is Jirania while Agartala is the nearest airport locating 35 km away from the eco park.

A town hall is an ideal venue to hold any festival or ceremony in season and out of season. The ideal spot for the holidayers and picnickers is situated behind the town hall beside a huge man made lake. A visit to this heaven of flora and fauna is refreshing indeed.  

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