This is Shillong

Welcome to Shillong, the Scotland of the East

Shillong, Meghalaya, is a land of captivating contrasts, a tapestry woven with vibrant threads.

Imagine strolling through streets lined with colonial-era architecture, their grandeur whispering tales of the past. 

Immerse yourself in the energy of a thriving youth scene, their artistic spirit pulsating through the city's veins. 

Shillong is a symphony of cosmopolitan charm intertwined with the melodies of age-old traditions. 

Come, experience the magic for yourself.

Unleash your inner explorer!

Discover the vibrant events happening in Shillong and other locations in the northeastern region. From pulsating music festivals and cultural extravaganzas to art exhibitions and workshops, find your perfect way to experience the "Scotland of the East." Explore, connect, and create lasting memories - your Shillong adventure awaits!
Meghalaya, East Khasi Hills
Meghalaya, West Jaintia Hills

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